LiveCode 6.5

by Ben Beaumont on December 6, 2013 , No comments

Resolution Independence

Your app scaled beautifully on any device

Mobile app development is now even easier with LiveCode 6.5. Your stack can now be scaled to run fullscreen on ANY device, no matter its size or aspect ratio. What’s more, LiveCode fully supports high density screens by upscaling text, vectors and automatically substituting in high quality images. Your apps now look stunning on any device.

Best of all, these features are built right into LiveCode and are enabled with just ONE LINE OF CODE!

How to use

No changes and just one line of code

To use this feature with existing stacks requires no changes.Simply tell LiveCode to scale and what your preferred scaling method would be. LiveCode will take care of the rest.

set the fullscreenmode of this stack to “exactFit”


Ben BeaumontLiveCode 6.5