by Iain Morrison on July 30, 2015 , No comments

How to Make a Business Plan

Are you trying to start an app business?

Do you like beach holidays and analogies?

As someone who just returned from a very relaxing holiday, I have only one complaint (that leads to an analogy): the swimming pool at the hotel was freezing! It was too hot to avoid it and it was fine once I was actually in it, but the anticipation of actually getting in it was…?

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Iain MorrisonHow to Make a Business Plan
by Panagiotis Merakos on July 21, 2015 , 1 comment

How to Deploy Apps to Android Devices

Are you writing an app for Android?

Do you want to test your Android app on an actual Android device?

If you are developing for Android and you want to test the app either in a simulator or on a physical android device, then you will need the Android software development kit (SDK). The Android SDK  enables developers to create applications for the Android platform.

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Panagiotis MerakosHow to Deploy Apps to Android Devices
by Kevin Miller on July 15, 2015 , 24 comments

Ready? HTML5 Deployment Reveals Its First Preview!

Are you excited about HTML5?

Have you been dreaming about all the things you and HTML5 can do?

We have a treat for you today. Our team has been hard at work on the HTML5 engine and we’ve built two simple web apps for you to try. Please bear in mind that this technology is still at a fairly early stage – you can’t build your own apps yet.

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Kevin MillerReady? HTML5 Deployment Reveals Its First Preview!
by Georgia Hutchings on July 10, 2015 , 7 comments

How to Design an App for Android

Do you want create an app for Android?

Have you thought about how you want the User Interface to look?

One thing to consider when creating an app is the design. Using conventions and guidelines based on the platform you are creating for your app will help you to avoid two big problems: breaking conventions and clashing styles.

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Georgia HutchingsHow to Design an App for Android