by Richmond Mathewson on June 30, 2015 , 3 comments

How to Teach Coding

I have always disliked those rather predictable coding courses that start with a “Hello, World” exercise: especially as nobody in the real world ever says “Hello, World” except, possibly, cult leaders.

That’s why when I decided to teach children to code, I followed my intuitions based on how I taught myself HyperCard, MetaCard, and LiveCode and based on my experience of working with primary school level children.

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Richmond MathewsonHow to Teach Coding
by Ben Beaumont on June 27, 2015 , 6 comments

Ready? HTML5 Deployment for LiveCode Announced!

How is HTML5 development going? When will it be released? For months your questions have flooded our inboxes, forums, and social channels. We understand: HTML5 is certainly an exciting prospect. Developing a cross platform application for mobile or desktop – or even both – has made LiveCode into a hugely popular tool. Adding web deployment to that list is another leap in the right direction and it will save time and costs for LiveCode users. So how is HTML5 going? When will it be released?

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Ben BeaumontReady? HTML5 Deployment for LiveCode Announced!
by Neil Roger on June 26, 2015 , 3 comments

The One Where We Sued You

Do you remember the One with the Thumb? Or the One with the Dozen Lasagnas? Where would we be without the TV show Friends?

Friends was the staple TV diet of millions of fans for 10 years and many were grieved to see its final episode on May 6th in 2004. However, Friends is still a huge household name and continues to have a massive fan base worldwide.

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Neil RogerThe One Where We Sued You
by Whit Prophet on June 22, 2015 , 1 comment

How to Become a Professional via Trial and Error

I wasn’t professional

I’m in broadcasting and my broadcasting crew continually complained we didn’t look professional. And we didn’t. Why? Because we didn’t have a score bug with a clock.  A score bug is the graphic layer that appears either at the top or the bottom of the sports broadcast and provides the status of the game you are watching. Wanting to stay in my crew’s good graces (and appear professional, of course), I decided to introduce a score bug.

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Whit ProphetHow to Become a Professional via Trial and Error