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What it Does

LiveCode is a flexible software platform that allows you to create any solution, the only limit is your imagination.

Cross Platform Mobile Apps

Today millions of people around the world use Mobile Apps built on LiveCode. With the ability to deploy your apps to all the popular platforms, LiveCode offers unlimited possibilities for mobile app development.

Whether it’s an app for making life easier, improving your business, solving a problem or just an experiment, LiveCode is the perfect solution to develop your next great app.

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eBooks with LiveCode

We consume a lot of information on the go from our devices. eBooks are rising in popularity as a great way for people to read up on a certain subject, escape for a while or get their weekly fix.

Whether you’re looking to deliver an instructional eBook or develop a beautiful graphic novel like the creators of Halo, LiveCode offers the perfect platform for building eBooks.

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Learning to Program

If you’ve never tried programming before than LiveCode is the perfect tool to get you started. Unlike traditional coding languages it uses simple English language that is intuitive and easy to learn.

With a rich library of resources and a worldwide community of LiveCoders working on the platform, LiveCode has everything to get your first app project off the ground.

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Mobile Games

Mobile Games are huge. The mobile gaming industry generated nearly $8 billion this year and is expected to reach $11.4 billion by 2014. Now you can get in on the action with your very own mobile game.

LiveCode’s feature set offers everything you need to get that idea into a beautiful game on your phone that your friends can’t put down.

LiveCode as a great mobile game builder

A World of Opportunities

We’ve only highlighted some of the main areas we’ve seen LiveCode used for, their are hundreds of other applications of LiveCode.  We’re excited to see what you do with it.

Who is it For

LiveCode is for everyone, find out more