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We absolutely love to see what people do with LiveCode, and we love to showcase and celebrate how our software is used.  There are so many examples of great solutions built with LiveCode, from apps that sit at no1 in the app stores to LiveCode being used to double class sizes in computing.  

There are far too many examples to include them all but this showcase highlights some of our favourites.  Either scroll through them all or use the filter to look for something you’re particularly interested in.


KLM uses LiveCode to develop its ticket booking system

Author: | Industry: Travel | Location: Holland

KLM transports millions of passengers and their associated luggage around the world every year.

20/20 Vision

Canela Software uses LiveCode to develop and distribute the leading visual acuity system in the USA.

Author: Canela Software | Industry: Health and medicine | Location: USA

20/20 visual acuity system delivers significant productivity benefits over traditional methods.

20/20 visual acuity system delivers significant productivity benefits over traditional methods. It provides greater accuracy and is much faster to use, minimises the need for retesting and integrates with electronic medical records and other diagnostic equipment.

Maths App

No1 selling iOS and Android App

Author: Eurotalk Ltd | Industry: Education | Location: UK

EuroTalk uses LiveCode to develop and publish the leading Education App

Eurotalk uses LiveCode to develop an app for teaching maths to children in the 3-5 age group. With over 300,000 downloads it’s the No. 1 education iPad app in many stores.

Die Waldfibel

LiveCode used to create No1 Education App

Author: Frans Schoffelen | Industry: Education | Location: Germany

This app has now achieved over 200,000 downloads in the iTunes store in Germany.

To mark the UNs International Year of Forests, LiveCode was chosen to develop an educational app to meet the requirements of German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

Midnight Rises Graphic Novel

Creators of Halo chose LiveCode for their newest game

Author: Industrial Toys | Industry: Education | Location: California, USA

Midnight Rises is an interactive graphic novel that allows you to explore their game world and interact deeply with the characters.

It's an incredibly rich experience, featuring parallax animation, choices of paths to follow, objects to find and some fascinating background on the characters.

University of Vienna

University of Vienna uses LiveCode to develop its logistics and management systems.

Author: | Industry: Education | Location: Vienna, Austria

With 9400 employees attending to 91,000 enrolled students taking 188 courses, systems build on Livecode cover everything from class scheduling to payroll.

Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Improved take up in computer science courses by teach students to use LiveCode

Author: | Industry: Education | Location: Maryland, USA

Lining the halls of Roosevelt High School are endless trophies and banners, giving a sense of what student success is really all about.

The Prince George’s County high school is featured in a new book called “The Achievable Dream,” touting it as one of the best schools in the USA.

Gracemount High School

GraceMount High School uses LiveCode to teach students to love programming

Author: | Industry: Education | Location: Edinburgh, UK

Gracemount High School has taught hundreds of students how to program with LiveCode which has doubled the demand for its computer science classes whilst increasing exam pass rates.


Location services brings property App to life

Author: Pi Digital Productions Ltd | Industry: Real estate | Location: France

If you are planning on buying in France, we will take the hard work out of finding a French property at no extra cost to you. With our network of over 300 local agencies in France, we can provide you with the most comprehensive selection of property details and houses for sale in France, backed by our personalised search, planning & support services.


Legal Practice Management Software

Author: AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC | Industry: Law | Location: Salt Lake City, USA

AltaPoint Data Systems, LLC has been providing software solutions for vertical markets for more than a decade serving a number of industries including health care, and law.

HIV and Your Heart App

Left-brain media was commission by the American Heart Foundation to develop an App which provided information on HIV and your Heart.

Author: Left Brain Media | Industry: Health | Location: Dallas USA


Web Publishing Software

Author: Fourth World Media | Industry: Technology | Location: USA and Australia

An easy to use highly effective tool

Forth World Media is a bespoke software apps development consultancy. Develop a cross platform Web solution which is easy for people to use.

Alternatic - Learning to write with pictograms

Learning to write with pictograms – for children and adults with special

Author: Alternatic | Industry: Education | Location: switzerland

Alternatic is a non-profit organization based in Western Switzerland that brings together practitioners of computers in special education.

East Lothian Council

District Wide Computer Science Initiative

Author: East Lothian Council | Industry: Education | Location: Scotland, UK

East Lothian Council has selects LiveCode to be deployed across all secondary schools in the region for STEM initiative.

Transmitter Locating Solutions

Blockage Location Solutions Used by Utility and Petroleum Companies

Author: Prototek Corporation | Industry: Technology | Location: Seatle, USA

Blockage Location Solutions Used by Utility and Petroleum Companies

Transmitter Based Location Solutions to Detect Blockages in Pipe Networks used by Utility and Petroleum Companies.

Integrating and Extending EP IT Systems

Easy to use low cost business integration and extension tool

Author: Encres Dubuit | Industry: Technology | Location: France

Encres Dubuit is a French manufacturer of screen-printing inks, well established in a number of international markets and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Dubuit chose LiveCode to extend the company’s new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.


Document Management System

Author: Frontwalker | Industry: Technology | Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Frontwalker have staff located across Sweden and therefore it is essential that they all have access to the company Document Management System no matter what device they are using to access it.

Volunteer Scheduling System

Cloud based scheduling software for churches, non profits and events.

Author: Rotunda Software | Industry: Not for profit | Location: San Francisco, USA

Used LiveCode to develop a highly effective volunteer scheduling system which volunteers could access from a web browser with no training.

Legal App

New York Law School use LiveCode to Create Custom Course Work.

Author: New York Law School | Industry: Education | Location: New York, USA

Using LiveCode to teach future lawyers to use logic and technology as a business support tool.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Software and Kids Care Clinical Library

Building Pediatric Emergency Medicine Software and Kids Care Clinical Library

Author: PEMSoft | Industry: Health and medicine | Location: USA and Australia

PEMSoft is a worldwide medical reference system, online clinical library and multimedia decision support system addressing acute and chronic illness and injury conditions in children from newborn to young adult. Founded
in 2003 by Dr. W. Robert Pitt and Dr. Ron Dieckmann, PEMSoft has highly linked and searchable information which is constantly updated by a team of over fifty Editors and hundreds of contributors worldwide. One of the interactive algorithms from the unique PEMSoft Resus Tool module.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Software

Building Pediatric Emergency Medicine Software and Kids Care Clinical Library

Author: Fourth World Media | Industry: Health and medicine | Location: USA and Australia

Forth World Media develop a cross platform Pediatric solution which is easy for doctors around the world to use and keep upto date.

Brigham Young University

Teaching Programming with LiveCode at Brigham Young University

Author: Brigham Young University | Industry: Education | Location: Utah, USA

LiveCode user Devin Asay, a Lecturer and Associate Research Fellow in the computers and Humanities department, has been using the platform to teach his students the basics of programming regardless of their major.

Digital Tools for Rural Schools

‘Digital Tools for Rural Schools’ Campaign to Improve Education in Africa

Author: EuroTalk | Industry: Education | Location: London UK

EuroTalk use LiveCode during the authoring process for many of their titles. They also deliver a number of commercial titles using LiveCode.

‘Digital Tools for Rural Schools’ Campaign to Improve Education in Africa Language learning specialists EuroTalk are experts in their field with 20 years of publishing experience and over 10 million customers. EuroTalk use LiveCode during the authoring process for many of their titles. They also deliver a number of commercial titles using LiveCode.

Fenton Avenue Charter School Wins Digital Voice Award

Mutt-i-grees Tails - Animal Education for Children

Author: Fenton Avenue Charter School | Industry: Education | Location: LA County, California - USA

Develop scope, create and develop an animated book to teach children how to be safe around dogs and cats.

University of Nottingham.

Using LiveCode as a Research Tool at University of Nottingham

Author: Using LiveCode as a Research Tool at University of Nottingham. | Industry: Education | Location: Nottingham, UK

Dr. Walter Van Heuven is a lecturer at the School of Psychology, University of Nottingham.

His research interests are in language processing, computational modelling, and the bilingual brain. Dr. van Heuven came upon LiveCode and chose it to create software for a research project that involved testing Chinese student in the UK and China to find out how to improve their English listening and speaking skills.

The United States Geological Survey

Satellite control using LiveCode

Author: Satellite control using LiveCode | Industry: Government science | Location: USA

The United States Geological Survey, uses LiveCode to support the operation of their NASA built Landsat 7 satellite.

Landsat7 is in its 40th year of service, is regarded as the Gold Standard in satellite imagery.