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How LiveCode Works

LiveCode brings three key things to your development process: the interface, the language and live coding. You start with the interface. Get going by opening a new project and dragging items onto it. A button, a field, a scrollbar… whatever your app needs. Play about with them a bit. Resize, rearrange, change the color, add some pretty drop shadows. Make it look funky and just the way you want it.

Now the language comes in. It’s English. You add it to your objects to make them do what you want them to do. For example writing:

on mouseUp

answer “Hello World”

end mouseUp

will make a dialog pop up that says Hello World when you click a button. Simple.

Finally, you get to test the code the minute you write it. Switch to run mode, click your button, and if it doesn’t say “Hello World” you know something went wrong. Go back and fix it. No big deal, no time lost, and this live process means that you can quickly find out where the error crept in. 

LiveCode Features

LiveCode is packed with features. What this really means is it gives you literally hundreds of functions, objects, commands, hooks and pre-made behaviors to do just about anything you might want to do. You can connect to your databases, add your videos and imagery, work with websites, fetch content from outside your app, lay out grids and tables, do astonishing things with text, animate objects... this could be a very long list. If your app needs to do it, chances are LiveCode has it covered. Want to know more?

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LiveCode is an Open Platform

LiveCode is open source software. It is available under a dual license – GPL3 and Commercial. That means anyone can download LiveCode for free and start building apps. You can contribute to LiveCode by accessing the source, fixing bugs, adding features or creating components. The open source version of LiveCode lets you distribute software you've created so long as that software is also open source under the terms of the GPL. If you want to create closed source software or access premium technical support then you can purchase a commercial license.

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Platforms and Devices

Write once, run anywhere has been described as the holy grail of software development. LiveCode isn’t quite ready for deity yet, but it’s as close as you are likely to get in a high-level (easy to use) language. You can deploy to iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and Server from one code base. We’re even working on deploying to Raspberry Pi...

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Simple, Quick Mobile App Development

An award winning app development tool that uses a simple language, visual interface and can be deployed to all devices.  Sound good?  We’re only just getting started:

What it Does

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